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Handmade in Spain by leather artisans, our products are recognized worldwide for their exquisite quality and finish. Bucarelli uses only the best materials, manufacturing techniques and careful attention to detail. The result is an elegant and smooth leather that is extremely durable and ergonomic. 

History and Philosophy of Bucarelli

Coat of arms of Bucarelli family

The Bucarelli history dates back to the time of the Viceroyalty of New Spain. A prestigious and victorious military called Don Antonio María de Bucarelli – who lived in Seville and whose family roots came from Italy – was appointed governor of Cuba and later on Viceroy of New Spain.

"Success is built every day by way of excellence"

Our logo is inspired by the coat of arms of Bucarelli family: three mountains of gold on an azure band that crosses over a field of gold. Each of these three mountains connects the values of the brand with the history of the family values that represent our brand philosophy.

  • Italian origins. The inspiration for our products comes from the classics: products of the best Italian leather that we carefully select.
  • Andalusian roots. Carefully handmade in Andalusia by probably the best leather craftsmen worldwide. Our products enjoy exquisite detail and superb finishes.
  • Driven by excellence. Our motivation is to provide our customers the best experience and the best products on the market: unmatched quality construction with a unique and elegant design.

The selection of our leathers is of paramount importance. Bucarelli select 'best of the best "always meeting their high standards of beauty, strength and quality, giving a unique feel and soft touch. High quality can be recognized in its finishes, where every detail is designed for comfort and ergonomics, always resembling an image of elegance and distinction. Our artisans work our skins using traditional methods of craftsmanship.

"Beauty is a summation of the parts working together in such a way that nothing needed to be added, taken away or altered" 

- Elio Carletti, Italian impressionist