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Our values

Handicrafted in Spain by the most experienced leather artisans, our products are renowned for their exquisite quality and finish. Bucarelli only uses the best material and techniques while keeping a careful attention to details. The result is a leather product that is elegant, durable and ergonomic at the same time.

  • Handicrafted in Spain

    Our products are handicrafted in the depths of Cádiz, Andalucía. Our artisans continue the centenary tradition of this region of Spain, home of the leather crafting.

  • Italian leathers

    Bucarelli creates its products with Italian leather from the best tanneries, to ensure a smooth touch and superior durability.

  • Pursuit of excellence

    From our designers to our artisans, everyone in Bucarelli strives for excellence to offer our customers the highest quality and satisfaction through the finish of our products and our unique service.